Artificial Intelligence Decision-Making Research (AI-DR) Program

The Artificial Intelligence Decision-Making Research (AI-DR) Program provides multidisciplinary, ethics-focused, research training for law students and others interested in a career in law and technology, whether in industry, corporate practice, policy-making/legislation, or academia. The aim is to provide in-depth understanding of ethical issues surrounding the use of AI in various fields (including employment and labor, the workplace, education, etc.) and to equip law students with both the technical and multi-disciplinary research skills to address practical and policy issues associated with automated decision-making. The program also aims to provide hands-on direct collaboration with industry (through hackathons and other activities) to tackle pressing social problems via the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies. The program also hopes to fund future post-grad fellowships, all with an aim to recruit more underrepresented students into the law and technology field who will focus on tech policy research.


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