Alumni Regional Clubs

Clubs connect alumni locally by providing engagement and networking opportunities in specific geographic areas.

In addition to supporting the mission of Carolina Law, Alumni Regional Clubs are charged to do the following:

  • Focus on building strong law school communities, celebrating Carolina Law alumni.
  • Represent the interests of local alumni communities through various regional club efforts.
  • Engage alumni through networking, volunteering, and fellowship opportunities in various cities throughout the country on behalf of the law school.
  • Proactively share updates from the law school with local alumni.
  • Encourage new and young alumni to get involved after they leave Carolina Law and move to new cities.
  • Foster alumni pride in and life-long commitment to Carolina Law.

Alumni and Donor Relations Staff

Assistant Director of Alumni and Donor Relations
(919) 445-0170 |

Alumni and Donor Relations staff responsibilities:

  • Areas of support include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • List of local alumni
  • Event communication/marketing
  • Event coordination
  • Provide a goodie bag of event-related items (including attendee lists, name badges, markers/pens, Carolina Law “swag” (when available), and more).
  • Participate in biannual Alumni Regional Clubs’ meetings
  • Share with leadership members a year-end analysis on the Alumni Regional Club (events, attendance numbers, budget tracking, successes, future suggestions, etc.) within one month of a fiscal year end date (June 30).