Alumni Regional Clubs

The UNC Law Alumni Association and Office of Advancement support a network of Carolina Law Clubs to connect alumni locally by providing engagement and networking opportunities in specific geographic areas. Each Carolina Law Club is supported by one or more alumni who have volunteered to serve as a club representative.

Club volunteers support Carolina Law in their communities in a variety of ways, including:

  • Representing the law school and the UNC Law Alumni Association in their communities
  • Having their contact information on our website for inquiries from other alumni or students
  • Welcoming and assisting alumni moving to their areas
  • Helping provide opportunities for alumni engagement
  • Assisting the law school in organizing alumni events
  • Organizing less formal gatherings of law school alumni
  • Serving as a resource to students working with the career development office
  • Providing guidance to help develop programming that is best targeted to their communities
  • Helping locate missing contact information for area alumni
  • Advising the law school as needed

Club Volunteer Toolkit

Staff Support

A staff member from the UNC School of Law Office of Advancement assists club leaders with almost all aspects of planning and promoting club programs and events. The law school and the alumni engagement committee also work to organize new clubs and reactivate dormant clubs.

Club Website

The Office of Advancement provides and maintains a website for each club. This includes upcoming events and contact information for leaders.

Email Broadcasts

The Office of Advancement will send an email to alumni on behalf of the club for events and no more than once each month (per leaders’ request). Club leaders also have the capabilities to send emails to alumni on behalf of the club through the club website. Emails go to all alumni with a valid email in your club area.

Event Speakers

The Office of Advancement can help identify and make arrangements for speakers from the law school to attend a club event or provide a CLE program.

Mail Services

The Office of Advancement can provide design, printing and mailing services for large events.

Alumni Lists

The Office of Advancement will provide club leaders with lists of local alumni.

Events Packet

The Office of Advancement provides a goodie bag of event related items (bag, banner, clip board, attendee lists, name badges, markers, pens, selfie stick).

Financial Advice and Support

The UNC School of Law is unable to provide a dedicated budget for club functions. The Office of Advancement can set up an online payment option for select events. In cases where a deposit or room fee is required, the office will work with the club leaders and venue to provide direct payment. Reimbursement to individual alumni is difficult and time consuming and recommended as a last resort. Local law firms or alumni should not be approached to sponsor events on behalf of the law school unless cleared through the Office of Advancement.