International Semester In Practice

The Externship Program now offers full time, semester long international externships for law students in their spring 2L and fall 3L semesters. The program is designed as an integrative educational experience for students with demonstrated academic and professional excellence who are interested in developing a global perspective in particular areas of practice through a full-time, semester long externship.

The program aims to train students to examine legal doctrines and practice in the context of actual social and business challenges and opportunities in the international arena. Each student is assigned an on-site supervisor at host organization and a Carolina Law faculty supervisor for the semester. The site supervisor is responsible for providing direction, feedback and mentoring for the student’s site work, and the faculty supervisor guides and facilitates the student’s exploration of their experience through virtual classroom discussion, journal writing and individual conferences. Students participating in the program extern full time (40 hours per week for a total of 540 hours) andreceive 12 units of pass/fail credit.