Academic Calendars

Summer 2020

May 11, Mon. Externship Orientation
May 12, Tues. Externships Begin
Classes Begin
May 25, Mon. Memorial Day Holiday – no classes
June 15, Mon. Classes End
June 16-17, Tues. & Wed Reading Days
June 18-19, Thurs. & Fri. Exams
June 19, Fri. Externships End
July 6, Mon. Grades Due

Fall 2020

Fall Schedule2020 1L Classes2020 Upper Level Classes
Orientation (1Ls and Transfer Students)Remote OrientationN/A
Trial Advocacy Intense SessionN/AThurs. -Sun., Aug. 13-16
Classes BeginMon., Aug. 10Fri., Aug. 14
MAGIC DayN/ASat., Aug. 29 (Mon. classes meet)
Labor Day-HolidayMon., Sept. 7Mon., Sept. 7
Trial Ad Lectures end/Classes End
Trials TBA
N/AThurs., Sept. 17 (last lecture)
Wed., Sept. 23 (last class)
1L Practice ExamsFri., Sept. 18N/A
University DayMon., Oct. 12
Normal Class Schedule
Mon., Oct. 12
Normal Class Schedule
Fall BreakNo fall breakNo fall break
Classes ResumeN/AN/A
MAGIC DayN/ASat., Oct. 17 (Thurs. classes meet)
Classes EndMon., Nov. 9Wed., Nov. 11
Reading DayTues.-Wed., Nov. 10-11Thurs., Nov. 12
Examinations BeginThurs., Nov. 12Fri., Nov. 13
Saturday ExamsSat., Nov. 14 & 21Sat., Nov. 14 & 21
Examinations EndMon., Nov. 23Mon., Nov. 23
Thanksgiving HolidayNov. 26-27Nov. 26-27
CommencementSun., Dec. 13Sun., Dec. 13
Grades Due1L-Fri., Jan. 8, 20212L & 3L, Fri., Dec.18, 2020

Spring 2021

Jan 2-4, Sat.-Mon. Trial Advocacy Intensive Session
Jan 6, Wed. Classes begin. ALL law school classes will be REMOTE until Jan. 22, notwithstanding any designation of a course as “in person.”
Jan 18, Mon. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – NO CLASSES
Jan. 22, Fri.Mandatory “all remote” classes period ends
Jan. 25, Mon.“IN PERSON” classes begin, to the extent provided for by the law school’s spring plan
Feb 12, Fri. Trial Advocacy Classes End
Feb. 15-16, Mon.-Tues.Wellness Days- NO CLASSES
Feb. 17, Wed.Classes Resume
Feb. 19, Fri.Wellness Days- NO CLASSES
March 10-12, Wed.-Fri. Wellness Days- NO CLASSES
March 15, Mon. Classes resume
April 2, Fri. Spring Holiday – NO CLASSES
April 14, Wed. FRIDAY classes meet
April 15, Thurs. MONDAY classes meet
April 16, Fri. Last day of classes; Friday classes meet
April 19-20, Mon.-Tues. Reading Days- NO CLASSES
April 21, Wed.Examinations begin
May 5, Wed. Examinations end
May 15, Sat. Law School commencement
May 16, Sun. University commencement
June 1, Tues.Grades Due

Summer 2021

May 17, Mon. Externship Orientation
Classes begin
May 18, Tues. Externships Begin
May 31, Mon. Memorial Day Holiday – no classes
June 22, Tues. Classes End
June 23, Wed. Reading Day
June 24-25, Thurs. & Fri. Exams
June 25, Fri. Externships End
July 6, Tues. Grades Due

Fall 2021

Orientation (1Ls and Transfer Students)Mon. -Fri., Aug. 16-20
Details Pending
Trial Advocacy Intense SessionThurs. -Sun., Aug. 19-22
Classes BeginMon., Aug. 23
Labor Day-HolidayMon., Sept. 6
Trial Ad Lectures end/Classes End
Trials TBA
Thurs., Sept. 23 (last lecture)
Week of Oct. 11 (TBA)
1L Practice ExamsFri., Oct. 8
University DayTues., Oct. 12
(some classes may be cancelled)
Fall BreakThurs. – Fri., Oct. 21-22
MAGIC DayTues., Nov. 23 (Thurs. classes meet)
Classes End/MAGIC DayWed., Nov. 24 (Fri. classes meet)
Thanksgiving RecessThurs. – Fri., Nov. 25-26
Reading DayMon., Nov. 29
Examinations BeginTues., Nov. 30
Examinations EndFri., Dec. 10
CommencementSun., Dec. 12
Grades Due1L,Tues., Jan. 11, 2022
2L & 3L, Tues., Jan.18, 2022

Spring 2022

Jan. 5-9, Wed.-Sun.AALS Annual Meeting
Jan 2-4, Sun.-Tues. Trial Advocacy Intensive Session
Jan 5, Wed. All classes begin/MAGIC DAY Monday classes meet
Jan 17, Mon. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – NO CLASSES
Feb 3, Thurs.
Week of Feb. 14 (TBA)
Trial Advocacy Lectures End/Classes End
Trials (TBA)
Feb. 21, Mon.Wellness Day- NO CLASSES
March 14-18, Mon.-Fri. Spring Break
March 21, Mon. Classes resume
April 14, Thurs. Last day of classes/MAGIC DAY (Monday classes meet)
April 15, Fri. Spring Holiday- NO CLASSES
April 18, Mon. Reading Day (Inclement weather make-up day if needed)
April 19, Tues.Examinations begin
April 29, Fri. Examinations end
May 7, Sat. Law School commencement
May 8, Sun. University commencement
May 31, Tues.Grades Due