Employment Data

ABA Employment Summary Reports: Classes of 2018-2021

Information as of ten months after graduation. This data was reported to the ABA and/or NALP according to their reporting guidelines.

• Class of 2021 ABA Report
• Class of 2020 ABA Report
• Class of 2019 ABA Report
• Class of 2018 ABA Report

NALP Employment Summary Reports: Classes of 2018-2021

Class of 2021 NALP Report
• Class of 2020 NALP Report
• Class of 2019 NALP Report
• Class of 2018 NALP Report

Nationwide Starting Salary Statistics

NALP, the Association for Legal Career Professionals, has recently made available on its website all its starting salary data as free consumer information. This includes detailed breakdowns of starting salaries by employer type, by state, and even by city where available.