Youth Justice Clinic

Students will represent youths in delinquency and undisciplined proceedings in juvenile court and in school suspension appeals in administrative hearings. They also may represent young adults facing misdemeanors in district court and assist people seeking to expunge juvenile and criminal records.

Enrollment Options and Credit Hours

  • Full year (fall and spring semester) – 3 credit hours per semester
  • Fall semester only – 3 credit hours
  • Spring semester only – 3 credit hours

Skills Learned

  • Interviewing and counseling
  • Negotiation
  • Motion drafting
  • Direct- and cross-examination
  • Opening statements and closing arguments
  • Case planning
  • Responding to rapidly changing circumstances
  • Legal ethics
  • Professional responsibility
  • Reflection
  • Receiving and learning from feedback from supervisors and peers
  • Cross-cultural lawyering


  • Pre- or co-requisite courses: Evidence, Criminal Procedure-Investigation, Criminal Lawyering Process (RWE)


Assistant Professor of Law
(919) 962-2623 |
3062 Van Hecke-Wettach Hall