When do you begin accepting applications?
Do you offer application fee waivers?
What is your application deadline?
Does this mean that I must submit all my application materials by May 1?
Do you have an early decision program?
Is it possible to enroll as a new or transfer student during the spring semester?
Do I need to be a North Carolina resident to attend Carolina Law?
How large is each entering class?
How many applications does Carolina Law receive?
What is your minimum LSAT and GPA requirement?
Do I need to have a certain major to apply for law school?
When should I take the LSAT?
I’m not able to take the LSAT until March or June. Can I still apply?
I have more than one LSAT score. How will that be viewed?
I took the LSAT several years ago. Is my score still valid?
Whom should I get to write my letters of recommendation?
How much is tuition?
How do I qualify for resident tuition?
How much do books cost?
Are scholarships available?
Can I visit the law school?
Are deferrals available?
Does Carolina Law offer dual degree programs?
Do you conduct interviews?
Does Carolina Law offer a part-time or evening program of study?