Volunteer Opportunities with Students

Alumni Pro Bono Opportunities

The Pro Bono Program encourages a lifelong commitment to pro bono service, and we are proud that our alumni continue to incorporate pro bono into their legal careers.

Career Night

Career Night brings together first-year law students with attorneys from a wide variety of practice areas. In addition to sharing your experiences with the students, you will also have a chance to catch up with other UNC Law alumni.

Student Organizations

More than 50 student organizations at Carolina Law perform valuable public service to area communities or implement programs that provide an important learning component to law students’ education. In many instances, the help of alumni is needed to achieve their objectives.

Mock Interview Program

You probably remember from your own law school days how stressful those first few interviews can be, particularly for 1Ls for whom the whole legal employment process is still a mystery. The program is intended to help students overcome their initial anxiety, to become more comfortable with the interviewing process, and to gain valuable feedback from practitioners.  

The format for the program simulates the actual on-campus interview experience. Students submit resumes and sign up in advance for interview slots. The interviews are intended to last 15 to 20 minutes each,  followed by 10 minutes during which you will give the student feedback.

Off-Campus Interview Program

UNC partners with other nationally known law schools in setting up fall interview programs in different cities around the country, giving employers who are not able to come to campus an opportunity to interview our students. We also sponsor programs in-state with the other North Carolina law schools and the North Carolina Bar Association.

On-Campus Interviews and Job Bank Postings

If you work for an employer who does not currently recruit on-campus at Carolina Law but would like to do so, please urge them to consider on-campus interviewing. If you are the only Carolina Law graduate at your organization, consider volunteering to come to campus yourself to interview (we will happily coordinate your campus visit with other meetings you may have in the area, or basketball and football games!). Another way to recruit at Carolina Law is through a Job Bank posting, which can be seen online by UNC students and/or graduates. Career Development will post your job opportunity and have interested candidates submit their application materials for review. Depending upon the degree of interest, you may then come to campus to interview, invite them to your office, or schedule a videoconference with candidates you wish to consider.