Conferences and Events

Equal Protection’s Grand Promise and Betrayals: Reconstruction, Plessy to Bakke and Beyond: Is there a Way Forward?

February 18 and 19

Roughly three months following the election and after the latest appointment to the Supreme Court, the UNC Center for Civil Rights will explore the meaning of Regents of the Univ. of Cal. v.Bakke and the 14th Amendment in these times. The ramifications of the Bakke decision have been far-reaching, not just with regard to affirmative action, but with regard to the intent of the 14th Amendment – one of the most consequential amendments of our Constitution. The interpretations of the 14th Amendment since Bakke have also been tied to the very presence of black lawyers in the Supreme Court. Fifty-two years after the Bakke decision, the Center invites advocates to join a symposium on a journey to explore the history and the path forward on 14th Amendment jurisprudence. This two-day journey from February 18-19 will involve hearing and learning from foremost attorneys, advocates and legal scholars in the field, including our keynote speaker, former United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

The center also develops and hosts a variety of conferences and workshops each year. Among some of the topics the center’s events have covered include:

  • Affirmative action in higher education
  • Voting Rights Act after Shelby County v. Holder
  • Section 8 of Fair Housing Act
  • Ethics of Representing Community Groups
  • Desegregation Law
  • New Strategies for Civil Rights Advocacy
  • School Integration
  • Environmental Justice
  • Municipal Underbounding
  • Leandro and the Right to an Opportunity to a Sound Basic Education
  • Criminal Justice Debt