Research, Reasoning, Writing, and Advocacy (RRWA) Program

Alexa Chew

The Research, Reasoning, Writing, and Advocacy (RRWA) program creates a solid foundation for law students to build upon during their time at Carolina Law. Employers routinely recognize the program for producing graduates who have exceptional research, writing and oral advocacy skills that set them apart from graduates of other law school.

The program spans two semesters and offers six credits. To earn three credits each semester, students must satisfactorily complete all assignments and comply with the course rules. RRWA aims to help students develop the skills necessary to communicate professionally and to do related work professionally, in teams and individually.

In the fall’s RRWA I, students learn how to conduct basic legal research, mainly with state law, and how and where to cite legal authorities and to use The Bluebook as both a citation guide and a research reference. Students also learn and practice written legal analysis in multiple formats and gain experience writing to clients. Finally, students develop oral presentation skills through various exercises.

In the spring’s RRWA II, the focus shifts to more sophisticated research and writing projects and to advocacy. Students learn more about researching federal and administrative law and about researching strategically, efficiently, and cost-effectively. They also research and write briefs, advocating to a court on a simulated client’s behalf. Finally, students learn about and practice oral advocacy by presenting an oral argument before a mock court.