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First-year law students are eligible to participate in the Joint Journal Competition held each May, the week after spring semester exams.

Each of the six journals selects staff members from the competition. In total, there are 130 staff positions among the journals available to rising second-year law students.

Journal selection is made by the editors-in-chief of the journals, typically in mid-July. Students are invited to join the journal staffs in late July before resume collection begins for on-campus interviews.

North Carolina Law Review

The North Carolina Law Review, a student-operated journal, serves judges, attorneys, scholars, and students by publishing outstanding legal scholarship and furthering the intellectual climate of the University of North Carolina School of Law.  Through its collaboration with the legal community, the Review provides timely and thought-provoking commentary for people of North Carolina and the nation.

North Carolina Banking Institute Journal

The North Carolina Banking Institute Journal is a student-edited law journal at the University of North Carolina School of Law. It is a leading banking law resource for attorneys, judges, policymakers, and scholars and contains practical as well as academic articles and features.

North Carolina Civil Rights Law Review

Organized by University of North Carolina School of Law students in 2019, the North Carolina Civil Rights Law Review publishes innovative, important commentary and analysis of civil rights law in the United States. The journal operates in collaboration with the UNC Center for Civil Rights and integrates the long-running Conference on Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity as its annual symposium.

North Carolina Journal of International Law

The student-run North Carolina Journal of International Law started out focusing on international issues affecting the business community; however, the journal has over time broadened its scope and expanded its purview beyond commerce and commercial law. It continues to maintain its commitment to examining international commercial law, but it also examines the full range of international issues, from cyber espionage and intellectual property to human rights and territorial disputes.

North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology

The student-led journal focuses on the intersection of technology and the law and it was one of the first of its kind upon its founding in 1998. The mission of the journal is to provide legal scholarship focusing on the many intersections between law and technology, covering issues in intellectual property law, cyberspace law, environmental law, criminal law, health law, privacy law, and any other subject area where the sciences and law converge. 

First Amendment Law Review

This journal publishes professional and student articles for the benefit of scholars and practitioners. Contributions are composed of scholarly pieces, symposium papers, and novel, interesting essays regarding the First Amendment. All articles pass a rigorous cite-checking and editing process through our Staff Members, Editorial Board, and Executive Board.