Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

UNC School of Law

UNC-Chapel Hill

  • UNC Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC): EOC has enacted non-discrimination policies to promote a positive and inclusive environment at UNC-Chapel Hill so that you can stay focused on some of the things that matter most – learning, working, building friendships, and growing professionally. EOC oversees these policies, which prohibit discrimination or harassment based on any protected status, sexual assault or sexual violence, interpersonal (relationship) violence, stalking, retaliation, and similar types of misconduct. EOC creates, implements, and enforces these policies on a day-to-day basis by sharing information about the policies, receiving reports of potential violations, coordinating measures that help protect safety and well-being, investigating reports, and managing hearings.

Numerous centers, caucuses and associations exist at Carolina to meet your specific interests and needs.