Intellectual Property Clinic

Students in the Intellectual Property Clinic assist entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups with the protection, acquisition and management of intellectual property rights. In addition to their direct client representation, all students will have the opportunity to become certified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which provides students with limited recognition to practice before the USPTO under the supervision of the clinic faculty supervisor.

Enrollment Options and Credit Hours

  • Fall semester only – 5 credit hours
  • Spring semester only – 5 credit hours

Skills Learned

  • Conduct effective client interviews
  • Identify client needs or goals and develop a plan to meet defined objectives
  • Analyze and present options for addressing client issues and weigh the potential risks and value of options presented
  • Communicate complex or unfamiliar legal concepts in layman’s terms
  • Develop written opinion and written advocacy skills
  • Effectively manage administrative tasks, including file maintenance, timekeeping, and docket management
  • Collaborate with others on complex legal matters
  • Generate legal documents, including applications suitable for filing with the USPTO and the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Understand the intersection between intellectual property rights creation and contract law


  • Pre-requisite courses:
    • Intellectual Property Survey OR
    • Trademark Law (or Trademark Practice) 


Assistant Professor of Law, and Director of the Intellectual Property Clinic
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