Semester in Practice

The Semester in Practice program offers full time, semester-long externships with our partner sites at government agencies, public interest organizations and corporate counsel in Washington, DC, New York City, Atlanta and North Carolina. The program is designed as a capstone experience for third-year students with demonstrated academic and professional excellence who are interested in a particular area of practice or skill set. Semester in Practice externs will spend the semester off campus externing full time with the host organization.

Students are trained and mentored by on-site supervisors at the host organization. In addition, the Externship Program’s faculty supervisors guide and facilitate the students’ exploration of their experience through virtual classroom discussion, journal writing and individual conferences. Participating sites in Washington DC include various divisions in the Department of Justice; the Federal Communications Commission; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; the Department of Health and Human Services; and the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Students also regularly extern with the Securities and Exchange Commission in New York City and Atlanta, as well as the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. 

Semester in Practice partners in Charlotte, NC, include placement with corporate sites such as EnPro and Atrium Health.

Students participating in the Semester in Practice program receive 12 units of pass/fail credit. Placement in this program is by application only and requires the approval of Professor Savasta-Kennedy. There are often specific course requirements to apply to these sites, as well as a GPA of 3.2 or above. Up to 15 students may participate in the fall of their 3L year.


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