Military and Veterans Law Clinic

The Military and Veterans Law Clinic primarily serves low income former servicemembers who are currently precluded from receiving Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care and disability benefits because of their discharge status. Students represent clients before military administrative boards and the VA. Students may also serve as expert veterans benefits consultants for active duty military defense counsel.  

Enrollment Options and Credit Hours

  • Full year (fall and spring semester) – 3 credit hours per semester
  • Fall semester only – 3 credit hours
  • Spring semester only – 3 credit hours

Skills Learned

  • Lawyering Skills
    • Client interviewing and counseling
    • Issue spotting
    • Factual investigation
    • Research skills
    • Developing a theme and theory
    • Written advocacy
    • Oral advocacy
    • Legal office operations
  • Substantive Knowledge
    • Developing expertise quickly
    • Military criminal law
    • Veterans Law
    • Professional Responsibility
    • Mental Health and the law
  • Taking the Initiative
    • “Owning” a case and thinking multi-disciplinarily
    • Knowing when to ask for help
    • Understanding the value of public service
  • Confidence
    • Comfort with the unknown
    • Comfort with working in “grey areas”


  • Pre-requisite courses: None
  • Co-requisite courses: None


Legal Assistance for Military Personnel

The Military and Veterans Law Clinic, in partnership with the North Carolina State Bar Legal Assistance for Military Personnel Committee (LAMP), is proud to sponsor Legal Assistance for Military Personnel, a continuing legal education program that focuses on military issues. This program is designed for military attorneys and paralegals working in legal assistance, as well as civilian counsel whose practices involve military clients or issues.

November 01, 2019 – 8:00 am
2019 Legal Assistance for Military Personnel
Room 5042


Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
(919) 962-2672 |
3077 Van Hecke-Wettach Hall