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Admissions & Financial Aid COVID-19 Update and FAQs

175 years of producing lawyers with a strong commitment to justice and service.

UNC School of Law was founded in 1845 and is North Carolina’s oldest professional school. Our three-year J.D. program prepares outstanding lawyers and leaders to serve the people and institutions of North Carolina, the nation and the world.

We continuously seek out discerning, high caliber students.

Our students receive an unrivaled legal education at a cost that is among the very lowest of any of the top-ranked law schools, and when they leave our famously beautiful campus, they do so as confident and principled advocates of justice.

Our alumni work with distinction all over the globe, and in North Carolina, no school has more graduates in positions of prominence than Carolina Law. We count many nationally renowned legal experts and leading scholars among our faculty, who know that a deep, functional and nuanced understanding of law must be accompanied by a mastery of the practical skills of lawyering.

We encourage all prospective students to research the competitive landscape of legal education, and for those demanding proof of exceptional opportunity, we look forward to making our case.

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