Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

In support of our mission to the cause of justice and a lasting commitment to pro bono and public service, Carolina Law wants to encourage students to enter permanent public service employment without regard to debt burden and to assist our graduates entering public service with their law school loan debt.

Since 2010, LRAP has awarded more than

$2 million of assistance to more than 140 alumni in 20 states.

Employment Type Funded
Non-Profit 31%
Public Defender 28%
District Attorney 19%
Government Agency 16%
Fellowship 6%

Median Salaries
$54,000 – LRAP Recipients
$130,000 – Graduates Working in the Private Sector

*current as of 2017

How does LRAP work?

Recipients receive a short-term loan from UNC School of Law and use those funds toward the payment of law school education loans. The loan is designed to cover one calendar year of monthly loan repayments (January – December). Eligibility is determined through the application and is reconfirmed after a year. If the recipient is still LRAP-eligible after a year, the short-term loan is forgiven. If a recipient becomes ineligible at any point during the year, the ineligible funds must be repaid.

Who is eligible for LRAP?

Applicants must be graduates of UNC School of Law and must work a minimum of 20 hours per week in a law-related job in public service that makes substantial use of legal skills by requiring passage of the bar or otherwise drawing heavily on law school training. Applicants must also have a salary of less than the maximum salary set by their location and be in active loan repayment.

Which loans are considered?

All federal and private education loans disbursed during an applicant’s enrollment at UNC School of Law will be allowed. (For transfer students, student loans borrowed at their previous institution will also be allowed.) Undergraduate loans and bar loans will not be included.

Important Dates

2025 Assistance Dates

• Early October 2024: LRAP Application available
• November 22, 2024: LRAP Application deadline due by 5:00PM EST
• Late December 2024: Award notifications distributed via e-mail
• January 17, 2025: Loan Certification documents due by 5:00PM EST
• February/March 2025: First installment disbursement
• May 9, 2025: Employment Verification Form and monthly loan statement for second installment due by 5:00PM EST
• June/July 2025: Second installment disbursement
• January 16, 2026: Loan Forgiveness Form due by 5 p.m. EST
• January/February 2026: 2025 LRAP loan forgiven

2024 Assistance Dates

• January 14, 2025: Loan Forgiveness Form due by 5 p.m. EST
• January 31, 2025: LRAP loan forgiven