Three and Six-Credit Programs

There are no mandatory course requirements for enrolling in the Externship Program; however, individual externship placement sites may specify prerequisites.

Students participating in the Externship Program work under the direct supervision of an on-site supervisor for approximately 10 to 11 hours each week during the 14-week semester for three credits, and 20 hours each week for six credits. Site supervisors include judges at federal and state levels and experienced lawyers from government agencies, public interest groups and corporate counsel offices, such as:

  • Fourth Circuit, Court of Appeals
  • NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
  • University Counsel
  • GSK
  • NC Attorney General’s Office
  • JusticeMatters

Fall and spring lottery spots are assigned in late February for the upcoming academic year. Students who receive a spot from the lottery may then apply to up to four externship sites, and accept at one. With sites ranging from judges to legal aid to corporate counsel to criminal trial work, there is something for every legal interest. The program offers 55 placements in both the fall and spring semesters at a number of sites, and is limited to third-year law students through the clinic/externship lottery. The program can occasionally offer a three credit spot to a spring 2L student once the lottery and waitlist are complete. The fall/spring program earns three pass/fail credit hours for the majority of sites, with a small number of sites offering six pass/fail credits.

Sample Site List