For Employers

The University of North Carolina School of Law Career Development Office is happy to tailor a recruitment option to help you find current students, new graduates or more experienced alumni. We offer on-campus interviews, off-campus interview programs and free job bank postings to best meet your recruiting needs.

Job Bank Postings (No Fee)

Job opportunities are posted online, and students respond directly to the employer. If the employer would like to receive application materials as a group, job postings can be set up so applications are accumulated online and then emailed to the employer as a bundle when the posting expires. Regardless of size or employer type, all job bank postings are free.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

The fall interview season has been moved to early 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews begin in January for 2Ls and 3Ls and in February for 1Ls. We are happy to develop an individual hiring plan for those employers whose timelines will not permit them to wait until early 2021. Register for OCIs and let us know your preferred date(s), class years, choice of technology platform, and interest in sponsorship.

We will schedule your requested interview date, have students submit their application materials for your review online, allow 100% prescreening, and set up interviews with your selected students.

Interviews will be held remotely using your technology platform or the UNC School of Law platform. Bidding takes place in early January.

OCI Registration Fees

All OCI fees go to support our Public Interest Summer Grant program, which provides students with funding to support their work as summer volunteers with legal services providers, non-profit advocacy groups and federal, state and local government agencies. View the schedule of OCI fees.

Off-Campus Interview Programs

UNC School of Law coordinates our students’ participation in several off-campus interview programs. Students at Carolina Law are invited to participate in many other off-campus interview programs each year, giving them access to employers who do not ordinarily participate in on-campus interviews or who are seeking students with specialized credentials or characteristics.