36 Honored with 25th Annual Gressman and Pollitt Oral Advocacy Awards

May 14, 2020

UNC School of Law congratulates 36 first-year law students who received a Eugene Gressman & Daniel H. Pollitt Oral Advocacy Award in April. The annual awards, given by faculty of the Writing and Learning Resources Center, recognize outstanding oral advocacy in the first-year Research, Reasoning, Writing, and Advocacy (RRWA) Program. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the awards. The RRWA program, now in its ninth year as a full-year, six-credit program, ranks No. 7 in legal writing by U.S. News & World Report.

The awards honor Eugene Gressman, William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of Law Emeritus, and Daniel H. Pollitt, Graham Kenan Professor of Law Emeritus, who both passed away in 2010.

The RRWA professors and their award recipients are:

Kevin Bennardo – Clinical Associate Professor of Law

Section 1

  • Joseph M. Geenen
  • Noel Fox Hudson
  • Aaron Love

Section 10

  • Thomas J. Boulger
  • Caroline Pierce Christman
  • Lexi Levine

Alexa Chew – Clinical Associate Professor of Law

Section 2

  • Le Gia Ho
  • Zachary D. Osborne
  • Parker M. Williams

Section 7

  • Rowan E. Conybeare
  • Nathan Nelmes-Pinnell
  • Sabrina Ali Shah

Luke Everett – Clinical Associate Professor of Law

Section 3

  • Shauna Baker-Karl
  • Hannah Caison
  • Laura Johnson

Section 11

  • James Brennan
  • Danielle Dobosz
  • Nicholas Williams

Rachel Gurvich – Clinical Associate Professor

Section 5

  • George Dylan Boan
  • Adhitya “Deets” Mahesh
  • Nicholas A. Verderame

Pete Nemerovski – Clinical Associate Professor

Section 6

  • Imani Johnson
  • Samantha LeJune
  • Peter Newman

Section 12

  • Anna-Nicole Cooke
  • Elise Jamison
  • Alexander Krause

Craig T. Smith – Assistant Dean for the Writing and Learning Resources Center and Clinical Professor of Law

Section 8

  • Alexandra Farquhar
  • Krista S. Peace
  • Olivia C. Perez

Sara Warf – Clinical Associate Professor of Law

Section 4

  • Nolon Blaylock
  • Marissa Flack
  • Dakota Lipscombe

Section 9

  • Evan Harrell
  • Hanna Kathrine Long
  • Daniel Mccrorie