Davis Society Welcomes Eight Members from the Class of 2021

April 16, 2021
Headshots of 8 people.
Top row, from left: Erica Bluford, Jacob Brannon, Ryan Collins, Rachel Grossman. Bottom row, from left: Rashaad Bryon Hamilton, Elisabeth P. Jones, Destiny Planter, Madison Scott.

Eight students of the Class of 2021 were selected to become members of one of the most prestigious societies at UNC School of Law. The James E. and Carolyn B. Davis Society recognizes eight third-year students possessing both academic and personal excellence and a willingness to serve for the betterment of the School of Law and its faculty and students. In making its selections, the Davis Society selection committee considers the qualities of leadership ability, integrity, dedication, and character as exemplified by extracurricular activities and academic achievement.

This year’s inductees are:

  • Erica Bluford
  • Jacob Brannon
  • Ryan Collins
  • Rachel Grossman
  • Rashaad Bryon Hamilton
  • Elisabeth P. Jones
  • Destiny Planter
  • Madison Scott