Anne Klinefelter

Henry P. Brandis Distinguished Professor of Law

Areas of Expertise

  • Law Library Management
  • Privacy Law


Anne Klinefelter is the Henry P. Brandis Distinguished Professor of Law. She teaches courses in privacy law and writes and speaks on information law and policy topics, often as these areas apply to libraries and legal information management. As Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies in Fall of 2019, she taught United States Privacy Law at the University of Helsinki and researched aspects of European Union data protection law. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Future of Privacy Forum. Professor Klinefelter is a former Director of the UNC Law Library and an Adjunct Professor in the UNC School of Information and Library Science. Her leadership in law librarianship was recognized in 2023 with the American Association of Law Schools American Association of Law Schools Section on Law Libraries and Legal Information Award for Outstanding Service and Contributions to the Profession, and in 2019 with the Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship from the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) section on Academic Law Libraries. In 2012 she received the AALL Distinguished Lecturer Award in 2012 for her work in privacy law and policy relating to libraries.


  • J.D., University of Alabama (1992)
  • M.S., Library Service, University of Alabama (1986)
  • B.A., University of Alabama (1981)

Selected Publications

Google LLC v CNIL: The Location-Based Limits of the EU Right to Erasure and Lessons for U.S. Privacy Law (with S. Wrigley), 22 N.C. J.L. & TECH. 681 (2021).
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The Value of an Academic Law Library in the 21st Century, in ACADEMIC LAW LIBRARIES WITHIN THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF LEGAL EDUCATION: A PRIMER FOR DEANS AND PROVOSTS 3 (J. Howell, M. Wu, R. Wheeler, S. Pagel eds., 2020).
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Reader Privacy in Digital Library Collaborations: Signs of Commitment, Opportunities for Improvement, 13 I/S: J.L. POL'Y FOR INFO. SOC'Y 199 (2016).
Westlaw | Lexis/Nexis | SSRN | Hein | BEPress

Privacy and Competing Library Goals: How Can Library Directors Lead When Values Collide? in ACADEMIC LAW LIBRARY DIRECTOR PERSPECTIVES (M. Wu, ed.) (Hein 2015).
SSRN | Hein | BEPress | Document Link | Z675.L2 A23 2015

Privacy and Court Records: An Empirical Study (D. Ardia and A. Klinefelter), 30 BERKELEY TECH. L. J. 1807 (2015).
Westlaw | Lexis/Nexis | SSRN | Hein | BEPress | Document Link

Differential Privacy as a Response to the Reidentification Threat: The Facebook Advertiser Case Study (A. Chin and A. Klinefelter), 90 N.C. L. REV. 1417 (2012).
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When to Research is to Reveal: The Growing Threat to Attorney and Client Confidentiality from Online Tracking, 16 VA. J.L. & TECH. 1 (2011) (reprinted in 60 DEF. L. J. 71 (2011)).
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Library Standards for Privacy: A Model for the Digital World?, 11 N.C. J. L. & TECH. 553 (2010)
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First Amendment Limits on Library Collection Management, 102 LAW LIBR. J. 343 (2010).
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Symposium, The Role of Librarians in Challenges to the USA PATRIOT Act, 5 N.C. J. L. & TECH. 219 (2004).
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