School Launches Digital Magazine

February 10, 2022

After 13 years of print, UNC School of Law has published its first fully-digital issue of Carolina Law magazine.

Members of the UNC School of Law community received a copy of the latest school news by email, rather than in mailboxes, this semester. To be fiscally responsible and more environmentally friendly, the school’s Office of Communications decided to go digital with magazine content by launching a website for Carolina Law magazine.

“For the first online magazine it seemed fitting that the feature story highlight different aspects of digital lawyering,” says Amy Barefoot Graedon, assistant dean for communications at UNC School of Law, in her letter from the editor. “Carolina Law has a lot of great ways we are embracing technology and preparing our students for a digital future.”

The Carolina Law magazine website includes stories about alumni, faculty, students, staff and donors.

“We have included a new section called Service to the State that explains ways in which Carolina Law’s students, faculty and staff are giving back to North Carolina to support its communities and the economy,” Graedon says. “We have alumni profiles showcasing the impact of a Carolina Law degree and sections that keep you updated on what’s happening at Van Hecke-Wettach Hall.”

Visit the magazine website using the button below to learn how UNC School of Law is making a difference.