UNC School of Law Students Shine at Bayou Challenge Mock Trial Competition

April 15, 2024

A team of 2L and 3L Broun National Trial Team students from the University of North Carolina School of Law recently traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to compete in the Bayou Challenge Mock Trial Competition. The team, consisting of 2Ls Katharine Smyth and Rob Jarrell, and 3Ls Abi Perdew and Kate Kozain, faced off against law students from around the country and secured an impressive second-place finish overall.

The competition, hosted by the Louisiana State University Law Center, welcomed mock trial teams from law schools in Louisiana, Mississippi, and southern Texas to the 19th Judicial District Courthouse in downtown Baton Rouge. The Carolina Law team completed four mock trials in a criminal case, showcasing their skills and knowledge gained through their legal education and training.

In addition to the team’s outstanding performance, 3L Rob Jarrell was recognized with the Best Closing Argument award, further highlighting the exceptional talent and dedication of the Carolina Law students.

The team’s success would not have been possible without the support and guidance of several key individuals. Director of Student Services Cindi Gardner, mooted with and traveled with the team, playing a crucial role in their preparation. Adjunct Professor William Mills’ trial advocacy teaching also contributed to the students’ readiness for the competition. The Broun Nation Trial Team Board and Business Services Coordinator Emily Shuman worked diligently on logistics, ensuring that the students could travel safely and focus on their performance.

The Broun National Trial Team’s achievement at the Bayou Challenge Mock Trial Competition serves as a testament to the strength of Carolina Law’s advocacy programs and the caliber of its students. As these future lawyers continue to hone their skills and gain valuable experience through competitions like this, they are well-positioned to become successful advocates in their legal careers.

The Carolina Law community is proud of the Broun National Trial Team’s accomplishments and extends its congratulations to Perdew, Kozain, Smyth, and Jarrell for their outstanding performance in Baton Rouge. Their success reflects the dedication, hard work, and talent that Carolina Law students bring to the table, and it serves as an inspiration to their peers and future generations of aspiring lawyers.