Erika K. Wilson

Professor of Law, Wade Edwards Distinguished Scholar, and Director of the Critical Race Lawyering Civil Rights Clinic

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil Law
  • Civil Rights and Discrimination
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Education Law
  • Poverty Law
  • Public Interest Law
  • Race and the Law


Erika K. Wilson is a Professor of Law and the Wade Edwards Distinguished Scholar at the UNC School of Law. She also directs the Critical Race Lawyering Clinic, a clinic that teaches law students how to bridge the gap between theory and praxis while also helping marginalized communities and individuals advance racial justice. Her areas of expertise include civil litigation, civil rights, clinical legal education, critical race theory, education law and public policy. Professor Wilson’s scholarship on issues related to education law and policy, and the intersection between race and the law, has appeared (or will appear) in the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal Forum, Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, and UCLA Law review, among others. In 2016, Professor Wilson’s research was selected for presentation at the Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum held at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. She was twice awarded in 2017 and 2022 the James H. Chadbourn Award for Excellence in Scholarship.

Professor Wilson received her B.A. cum laude from the University of Southern California and her JD from the UCLA School of Law. After law school she worked as an associate at Arnold & Porter LLP. She also served as the George P. Lindsey Staff Attorney fellow for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.


  • J.D., University of California at Los Angeles (2003)
  • B.S. (cum laude), Public Policy, University of Southern California (2000)

Selected Publications

Monopolizing Whiteness, 134 HARV. L. REV. 2382 (2021).
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Charters, Markets, and Universalism, 26 GEO. J. ON POVERTY L. & POL’Y 291 (2019).
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The New White Flight, 14 DUKE J. CONST. L. & PUB. POL'Y 233 (2019).
Westlaw | Lexis/Nexis | SSRN | Hein | BEPress

The Legal Foundations of White Supremacy, 11 DEPAUL J. SOC. JUST. 1 (Spring 2018).
Westlaw | Hein | BEPress

Reverse Passing (with K. Beydoun), 64 UCLA L. REV. 282 (2017).
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Blurred Lines: Public School Reforms and the Privatization of Public Education, 51 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 189 (2016).
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The New School Segregation, 102 CORNELL L. REV. 139 (2016).
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Gentrification and Urban Public School Reforms: The Interest Divergence Dilemma, 118 W. VA. L. REV. 677 (2015).
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Towards a Theory of Equitable Federated Regionalism in Public Education: Reversing the Role of School District Boundary Lines in Dismantling Brown v. Board of Education, 61 UCLA L. REV. 1416 (2014).
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